Jyoti Meditation

The Cosmos is filled with and consisting of an immense torrent of living light (Jyoti), the whole moving, moving onward, without relativity, a restless onward sleep of a vast sea of light.

At first we feel nothing but the bliss of it, and see nothing but the intensity of the light; but gradually we begin to realise that even in this dazzling brightness there are brighter spots through which  the light obtains a new quality that enables it to become perceptible on lower planes, whose inhabitants without this aid would be altogether beneath the possibility of sensing its effulgence.

 Light the beginning; Light the path; Light the future.

 All is Light- this Light is manifestation in man-light in rock-light in tree-light in creature.

All is light- Light is bliss.

 From the highest sphere for the progress of humanity, Masters shed down light and life on all the world, that may be taken up and assimilated, as freely as the sunshine, by all who are receptive enough to take it in. Masters pour spiritual energy.

 Meditate on this witnessing, perceiving "SELF" of the nature of pure consciousness or Jyoti. We realise our essential unity and eternal relationship with the Supreme being. This is a direct approach to the Supreme Reality, the Ultimate Divine Principle.

Ramlinga Swami  propagated the worship of  Jyoti for each human being. Everyone should perceive the Supreme Effulgence spotted in between the eyebrows, get at the experience of the Grace Light . Light is Peace, Bliss and Knowledge. The light is within, meditatate on Trikuti ( the space between the two eyebrows)  and live in peace and bliss.

 "There is a Light that shines beyond all things on earth,
 beyond us all,
 beyond the heavens,
 beyond the highest heavens.
 This is the Light that shines in our hearts." Chandogya Upanishad