Past Life Regression

 Past Life Regression and Reincarnation are the science of the new millennium. Our subconscious mind stores memories of our experiences since we became a soul with the awareness of our individuality. Past Life Regression Therapy is reaching into those memory banks to recapture the events of past lifetimes.

 It helps to heal chronic diseases, overcome fear and phobias, improves one’s personal relationship, and frees us from the fear of death. During this therapy energy of the past is transformed to bring about healing and transformation. When we transform our soul’s energy we step up the evolutionary scale, come closer to higher state of consciousness.

"If you don't believe in Karma or reincarnation, don't worry, probably you will in your next life."  - Dr. Bruce Goldberg

 There has been an enormous amount of research done during recent times in the field of Past-Life-Regression by Dr. Ian Stevenson, M.D (children with past-life memories), Dr. Michael Newton (Life Between Lives), Carol Bowman, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Roger J. Woolger, Morris Netherton. Modern Medical Science has documented it meticulously and the in-depth studies have shown that 90% of illnesses, diseases and ailments that we suffer from in our present lives - all have past life connections.The therapeutic benefits of Past-Life-Regression can be accepted as a universal fact. Let us take a look at some of the important researchers in this field.

Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D. : The contribution of Dr. Brian Weiss to the field of Past-Life-Regression is unparalleled in modern times and he can rightly be called as the 'Father of modern Past-Life-Regression'. A Columbia and Yale trained M.D. Psychiatrist Dr. Weiss, proved reincarnation with his excellent research on past-life regressions. In the process of treating one of his patients named Catherine using conventional psychotherapy, Dr. Weiss rediscovered past-life-regression. Though he was initially skeptical, he continued to use past-life-regression in her treatment and the results were miraculous. During one of the sessions, his patient reached a between lives state and communicated with the departed souls of Weiss's father and son and relayed secret information about Weiss's family. As a result, his skepticism turned into solid belief.

He published his experiences in great detail in his first and epoch making book 'Many Lives, Many Masters'. After the stupendous success of his first book, he wrote some more masterpieces like 'Messages from Masters', 'Through Time into Healing, 'Only Love is Real' and 'Same Soul, Many Bodies'.