The Healing Power of Silence: Finding Your Inner Knowing

admin Thu, 07/03/2014 - 15:09

As I continue to work through healing for issues on the mental, spiritual, and psychic planes, the power of silence becomes extremely important in this work. As I mentioned in the previous blog, mental chatter has become all too normal for most people, and it's perpetuated by a society that plays its collective stereo at top volume. So many peoples' social training in how to think and live is to create huge amounts of mental and intellectual noise. Some of it can actually be categorized as thought (directed, clear, and inquisitive--thought is very helpful). But most of the rest is noise meant to fill up empty space for a variety of reasons (people are scared of the silence; they feel alone without noise; other issues they've been avoiding suddenly appear). I mean do you really need to be listening to your iPod all day? If so, why? Inner Knowing Is Essential to Spiritual Awakening When I work with a student, I can't over-emphasize the importance of developing your inner knowing. I can't possibly have all your answers. I'm honored if I even have a few. No, your answers are within you. Much of this series of blogs focusing on healing that I'm writing is directed towards getting to your inner knowing. When you align with that part of you, your intuitive intelligence emerges very quickly. It will tell you what needs to change in your life and what needs to be healed in you. That's a powerful ally, but it can't really develop in you until you're willing to face silence. Fear of Silence I think many people are afraid of silence. I think they're also afraid of stopping. I think part of this is that on some level many people realize that they haven't been living their lives, their dreams, their hopes. In that way, they're afraid that they're going to find out how lost they are, how bad they are, and how screwed up their lives are. And this may indeed be the case. It depends on your life. But depending on where you are, if that's what comes up for you when you stop and make space for silence, you should also know that you've entered the very space where you can heal and fix all the things that are out of alignment. That may or may not be an easy thing to do, but it will make you feel more deeply happy than any amount of noise and things you can buy to fill up your life. - See more at: