Who We Are

Samata Shah founded Shakti Spiritual in year 2003 in Pune, India. Shakti Spiritual offers healing and transformation on a physical, emotional and spiritual level through Past Life Regression Therapy, Life between Lives Regression Therapy, Future Progression, Inner Child Work Therapy, Jyoti Meditation and spreading the messages of all self-realised spiritual masters. Shakti Spiritual conducts meditation and personal and group sessions.

Samata Shah is a Psychology graduate and Yoga-ayurveda therapist, specialized in holistic therapies. She is Past Life Regression Therapist, Life between Lives Therapist, Future Progression Therapist, Inner Child Work Therapist and Jyoti Meditation Teacher. She imparts her knowledge and experience. She has been sharing her spiritual journey with seekers about spiritual science and evolution of the soul.

85 Fentiman Ave Ottawa, ONK1S0T7