“Inner Child Work” offers a thorough understanding and healing of the Child Within and opens the Gateway to the Paradise of our Inner-Being.

We are all inherently magnificent beings with limitless potential for experiencing and expressing unconditional love, joy and creativity. However, to fully experience our true nature, the child within must be embraced and expressed! Unless we reconnect with our inner-child in a safe and unconditional environment, the child within will remain isolated and alone. Unless we reclaim our childlike feelings like sensitivity, wonderment and aliveness, our inner-child will remain wounded. By regaining our childlike qualities of spontaneity, creativity and playful¬ness, we will be able to live with unconditional love and joy. By fully reintegrating with our inner-child, we can become complete human beings and once again feel whole.

Inner-Child Recovery and Healing:

  • Nurturing your Inner-Child — Becoming the nurturing parent
  • The Inner Critical Parent — Replacing Self-Criticism with Self-Nurturing
  • Inner-Child Baggage— Recognizing and Healing self-destructive thoughts
  • Connecting with The Higher Self — Learning to connect your Inner-Child with Inner Wisdom
  • The Roots Of Fear — Recognizing the Needy Inner-Child that cries for Love
  • Healing Relationships — Seeing through the needy Inner-Child to Light Essence
  • Simple, Uncomplicated Love — Expanding Identity to Being Love
  • Emptiness and Neediness of a Child–Different types of Emotional Energetic Holes (Energetic Holes are Developed when an Essential Need is not met as a child)