Past Life Regression (PLR) is a technique that takes you back through childhood, the womb and into a past life or past lives. The main value of a past life regression is to discover and resolve things from the past that are influencing you in some negative way today. You may have already had inner glimpses of people and places that you do not have any clue from your present life. This can happen in dreams, meditation or spontaneous knowing.

During a PLR session you will go on a journey using guided meditation to take you into a light trance, using your imagination and visualisation, connecting to your past lives in your deep memory, your subconscious. One or more sessions of PLR are suitable for those who may be new to the subject and curious about themselves and how they have lived before.

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT is very therapeutic), to reach to the cause, hence heal the roots of any issue you choose, which is existing in your present life

You may have come to therapy hoping to resolve an issue in your life, desiring to go deeper into the reasons behind a particular relationship, feelings, issue or patteren.
PLR offers deep insights alongside physical, emotional and soul healing. It is one of the most effective psychological and transpersonal new age therapy today. In the hands of an experienced trained guide it is a direct way to access the roots of current life issues and heal them.

Here are some of the ways PLRT can help you:

  • To gain insight into and resolve current life issues
  • To understand the dynamics of a significant relationship
  • To understand and heal difficulties with a relative, friend or colleague
  • To see and clear past life triggers affecting current behaviour or compulsion
  • To understand a strong attraction or repulsion towards a geographical location
  • To know the deeper reasons behind a phobia
  • To energise talents and abilities from past lives
  • To release fears and anxieties related to past life traumas
  • To understand past life influences upon medically unexplained symptoms
  • To release traumas at the root of physical problems
  • To become aware of the reasons behind strongly held beliefs and wisdom
  • To understand and align life purpose
  • To experience the transitional states of death and beyond (see Life Between Lives)
  • To become empowered through self knowledge
  • To grow into your full potential

Past lives create the dominant patterns in your present life. Such patterns are energetic imprints in your field, sometimes giving you talents and abilities or holding you back from your fulfilment and plans for your current life. Your subconscious mind knows where the original events or root causes are that led to these patterns. It responds very well to the opportunity to help you to remember, release, heal and integrate any energy you may have left behind, bound up in traumas that are not fully resolved and understood. As this information becomes conscious it will profoundly energise your current life in new ways and bring you closer to fulfilment of your true nature.